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The Clinic

Our aim is to meet the patients’ needs differentially, delivering high-quality medical/dental services.

The way our team welcomes patients, as well as the spaces design which includes high technological innovation create a customized Dental Medicine service. We therefore offer an innovating concept that allies a dedicated medical tam, assisted by the most modern means and equipment within a comfortable and convenient ambiance. 

To create “One more Reason to Smile”, promote Health and Self-esteem with added value and be loyal to these principles is to Smile with Confidence.


 Our team of Dentists:

-Luis Filipe Cataludo

-Duarte Martins Cataludo 

-Iryna Potomska


We also have Dental ProsthesiS technicians and Oral Hygienists on our staff.



Working Hours



Monday to Friday
9H30 - 13H
14H30 - 19H
9H30 - 13H (upon prior confirmation)

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Our Key Specialties