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Conscious Sedation

Conscious Sedation


Conscious sedation is a very successful technique practiced all over the World and is a practical and safe alternative to general anaesthesia and neuro-sedative pre-medication. Dental Fusion Clinics offer this therapy which consists in administering a medicinal nitrous oxide (NeO) and medicinal oxygen (O2) premixture - LIVOPAN® through the respiratory system (inhalation).




Conscious sedation is defined as a decreased state of the patient’s consciousness level that does not affect one’s capability of maintaining functional air passages in an independent and continuous manner, as well as the ability to adequately respond to physical stimuli and oral commands.

  • It provides greater relief as it decreases anxiety and emotional stress.
  • It increases the patients’ cooperation and its tolerance to longer treatments.
  • It controls the patient’s inadequate behaviours that interfere with treatment
  • It improves the patient’s positive attitude to face future treatments


  • Patients who are very scared of pain and/or with very high anxiety levels.
  • Patients undergoing more complex surgeries.
  • Uncooperative children older than 2 years of age.
  • Patients with intellectual disabilities.



Conscious Sedation with LIVOPAN® is indicated for most patients, among whom elderly people,  chronic kidney disease, liver disease, hypertensive and diabetic patients. It enables rapid recovery from side effects.

One can administer LIVOPAN® in an isolated manner or combined with other pain reliever agents that act upon the central nervous system, such as opiates or benzodiazepines to obtain and additional effect.

Patients who are administered LIVOPAN® do not need additional medication frequently due to the pain relief provided in mild to moderate pain.


The patient’s vitals are monitored during the entire intervention, ensuring total safety throughout the procedure.

At Dental Fusion Clinics, professionals are certified to practice Conscious Sedation and if needed they ask screening questions to detect any administration contraindication.

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