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Dental Implants replace natural teeth gone missing, through the placement of artificial titanium roots. Implants allow same day rehabilitation for some, or the entirety of teeth missing from the jawbone.

In case you have lost the majority or all your teeth, we have the perfect solution for you!

“All in 8 hours” – Implant Protocol – “Smile with Confidence”

In patients gathering all the necessary conditions for this type of rehabilitation, 4 to 6 implants are placed on each jawbone, in order to securely allow a safe support for the teeth to be strategically fixed.

Approximately 5 hours upon the surgical procedure, fixed teeth are then placed on the correspondent implants.

A bite adjustment is made and you are given all the necessary instructions.



About 4 months later, a dental impression is made for the definite prosthesis which will replace and optimise the one originally placed.

The principles supporting this protocol also allow replacing one or more missing teeth using this procedure.

For Implantology Planning our clinics resort to 3D Tomography (three-dimensional), which along the aid of computer software (Nobel Guide®), allows for a less intrusive implant placement. Making the whole procedure painless.

In patients with constraints, implant procedure has two phases. The first is for placing the implant and the second, upon the osseointegration of the implant (adequate acceptance and integration of the implant by the bone), which can last up to 4 months, the tooth or teeth are placed over the implants.

Implants are safe and reliable, being identical to natural teeth regarding aesthetics and comfort. We can broadly call them the “third set of teeth”.


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