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3D Tomography

3D Tomography

Always looking to offer its patients the best and most advanced treatment, we are one of the few dental medicine units to provide cone beam 3D imaging in Algarve.  At the beginning only in Faro but also recently installed in Tavira, the Cone Beam 3D X-ray machine enables these exams.


Cone Beam 3D Computed Tomography is the complementary examination that is revolutionizing current Dental Medicine. This is a specific examination of the head and the neck which allows us to improve the diagnosis by examining the oral cavity and the maxillofacial region through three-dimensional images and their viewing in different cuts in real time. Its application to the modern Dental Medicine practice covers Implantology, Orthodontics, Oral Surgery, Endodontics, Occlusion, among other areas.




Considering Dental Medicine’s progression, this is a key technique of the current oral health that is available at Dental Fusion Clinics to achieve our aim: “Always taking care of your Smile”.            

It has several advantages:

- High-resolution capacity of the images;

- Low radiation-dose issued;

- Higher potential for maxillofacial images (when compared to the remaining devices used for this purpose).

In comparison to a conventional Tomography used for the same purpose, it is very low-cost; it results in lower exposure time and it is much more convenient and fast as it can be done promptly at the clinic.

Our professionals were subject to the highest training and practice to use this new complementary diagnosis technique.

This imaging technology evolution guarantees easy understanding thanks to the three-dimensional assessment of clear images of your mouth and adjacent structures with the help of computer software which optimizes the images viewing and use, allowing a better understanding by the professional and the patient.

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